Take a trip back to 1964 with BritBeat's tribute to the Beatles. With mop tops, English cut suits, vintage instruments and harmonizing vocals, BritBeat performs all of the memorable Beatle hits from the sixties. Their British style, charisma and Liverpudlian character creates the ultimate Beatles Tribute concert experience. They display the same youthful excitement and boyish charm as the original "Fab Four' to recreate the electrifying performances made by the Beatles when they first came onto the American scene and started the 'British Invasion' and 'Beatlemania'.

Their dynamic and energized  performances allow audiences to imagine what it was like when the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park in those memorable touring years. A BritBeat performance is the closest you'll get to experiencing what it was like to see the Beatles in concert. It's a trip back in time, a truly entertaining show and a chance once again to relive the excitement of 'Beatlemania'.



If ever the phrase "the next best thing" meant something, then surely it's to describe BritBeat. With crafty authenticity and contagious passion for the music, this spot-on Beatles ensemble is more than a tribute band, it's a theatrical event. Their Ravinia show was an  indisputable hit.
Nick Pullia
Director of Communications
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BritBeat America's Premier Beatles tribute band, from Chicago, Illinois, plays cover to the 1964 to 1969 live concert era of the British invasion of America by the Fab Four. With English cut suits, mop tops and harmonizing Beatle lyrics, this American band will export you back to the music of yesterday by the rock legends from Liverpool.